Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the act of enhancing the quantity and quality of site visitors to a particular site or even a single web page by search engines. SEO targets both unpaid and paid traffic equally and tends to be done differently than advertising. While advertising tends to focus on attracting the audience that is ‘buying’ something (in this case a service or product); SEO works more towards making the audience more informed about the kind of services or products that a site is offering. Most SEO services providers are SEO experts or consultants who create backlinks for sites through link exchanges, article writing, blogging etc. The number of backlinks improve a site’s rankings in various search engines.

In order for search engines to recognize and rate a site’s value and importance, they have to be continually updated with new information and trends, which search engines spiders can readily detect. This process of providing the search engines with new, relevant, and fresh content on a regular basis, or as often as possible, is known as ‘artistic seo.’ This process is very tedious and time consuming; the result of which is that certain sites become overnight sensations on the Internet because they have been well optimised. Google, the most widely used search engine has recently introduced their own line of related algorithms aimed to make the whole process of artistic seo much easier and better.
These algorithms, which were recently leaked onto the internet by a small group of software companies, aim to make search engines friendly to smaller websites and webmasters. They introduce a number of ‘fine-tuned’ features to the ranking algorithms of Google. These features are aimed at making it harder for sites and individual pages to gain rankings. Google’s latest algorithm is in beta testing now and will most likely be launched some time in 2021. If you want to increase your chances of getting good search engine positioning, it is recommended that you hire an SEO consultant who can implement and optimise your site in accordance with Google’s new search engine friendly algorithm.

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